Beauty lies in resilience.
The moment you give up is the moment the world calms down. And it feels great to not have that pressure but I promise you that’s not what you want. Tell the world to scream your name. Let Satan’s propaganda against your name reign. Let people hurt you and just thrive in the pain. All in all let God do his work. Let him watch as the devil pushes you to doubt God but like Job you remain faithful and loyal to Jesus your King. The last word isn’t man’s, the last word isn’t Satan’s but the master of all time and circumstances has you in his hands.

Beauty lies in resilience.
So keep going,
Don’t stop.
Be great at what you do.
Be awesome at what God wants yous to do.
Head his guidance
And let Satan do whatever he needs to
Because he’ll never ever win
Against the most high, your king.
By SeaofKnees

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