“For reasons unknown” I’ve decided to start a blog. Well that’s not entirely true. After several heated conversations on social media about serious issues examples being intersectional feminism and the long-lasting effects of colonisation and slavery on the black community, I realised that there was a lot of people who were just ignorant as well as those who just share completely different views to me. I’m starting this blog to educate but also to be educated about the range of viewpoints out there. That’s why I’m writing but why specifically a blog rather than some other medium, I’m not sure. My posts won’t be about one specific topic and sometimes I’ll go from a very serious topic to a trivial one so if one post isn’t for you stay tuned for the next one. I’ll be posting whenever I feel inspired to write but tags will hopefully be once a week.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten to tell you who I am. The name’s Nissie-Grace but let’s go with “SeaofKnees”…

From a young age I’d always been interested in words. Words fascinate me. Its even more amazing when an author is able to organise words into captivating sentences; words we use everyday can add up to become cannon worthy novels, moving poems or tragic plays. I later learnt that my obssession with words and etymology stems from my need to know where everything starts. Knowing where a word came from, the beginning of a story or the route of the many dialects in the world is what makes me tick so to say.

So, here’s to beginnings…

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