Melanin GALORE


Painted by Luiz Anderson
I am what I am.
I am who I am.
You can hate me for what I am;
You can hate me for who I am
But that won’t change the fact that
I am what I am and
I am who I am:

I am a black woman.

My thick undefined kinky curls are my Crown

My bones are clothed in a melanin-rich coat of glowing skin. My lips are big, just like my

nose and the space  between my eyes.

Listen. I don’t need to make excuses for the beauty that I am.
I don’t need to entertain the racists who ironically apply fake tan.
You see I don’t need cry over the girl who yesterday insulted my thick lips and today gets
injections so her lips can look like mine.
Please, I ain’t even got the time.
I’ve spent centuries doubting my undeniable beauty when it really is unquestionable
More than just sexual
Boy I’m an intellectual
For real I’m something special
I don’t need to take a master class
Because I’ve mastered class.
I’m a black woman. Gotta come first
Cos I’m tired of being last.
By Seaofknees

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