Your body is all you have so cherish it


Is it? Well a face value analysis of this statement and the consideration of nothing more would lead me to entirely disagree with the statement. I say that because I have family and friends. Aside from people we have establishments like schools, banks, churches and hospitals. We have objects such as money, cars, houses and have food (insert heart face emoji here). However, it would be ignorant and naïve of me to think of it in that way. So, I took a nap and returned to the statement with a fresh mind. “Your body is all you have so cherish it”…

I revisited the forementioned list and realised the fact that the list is not universal. Not everybody has family and friends. Not everybody has shelter or a school. Not everybody has a car. And shockingly enough not everybody has food. I concluded from this that everything that is external from us (and is therefore materialistic) are not things that we truly have because at any point we could lose them. Furthermore, the list is flawed form the start because it is not all inclusive of all humanity.

If we don’t truly have the things that are external to us then surely there are other things that we have aside from our bodies. Yes, we have our thoughts and intelligence. Without even diving into this, you already know this is a ridiculous statement because not everybody is book smart. Aside from that most of what we know derives from external sources anyways.

Some may say religion but that whole argument is again only relative to some.



So aside from your body what really, do you have?

“…man in short that man in brief in spite of the strides of alimentation and defecation is seen to waste and pine waste and pine and concurrently simultaneously what is more for reasons unknown…”

Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett


Okay let’s break it down. Beckett is essentially saying “we eat and we sh*t and we eat and we sh*t, we waste away as we wait (for death) for unknown reasons” (in the words of my sixth form English teacher, bless her soul). Now all the exessecive waffle is literally just there to prove a point. Humanity has progressed, we have created for ourselves schools where people learn to read and write and say big words that mean nothing. We have banks with paper that we continuously exchange in a cycle or loss and gain. We have various sports and activities and jobs. We also have the occupation of religious activities and services. All “for reasons unknown”. Because essentially, we are waiting to die. This rather morbid view on life is termed “existentialism” which is “a philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.” In short, there is no God and so there is no heaven or hell. We live to die and that is it. Now this is definitely not my perception of life because I do believe that there is a God and an afterlife. However, everything else within the theory makes sense. Everything that is external to us just doesn’t matter because one die we will die and leave it behind. That aside the things or the people that we do have could fail or betray us at any given point. Moreover, what exactly do long words and a PhD do for someone? What is the actual value of money relative to human life?

All we have is our humanity. The fact that we live, we eat, we poo, we have sex, we reproduce and we die, is all that we can be sure of. Our humanity and our animosity is all that is real. We can be sure of our emotions of love and lust. We can be sure of everything bodily. We know and understand the body ad what it requires for life. No one can truly completely understand God. And no literary scholar knows a damn about quantum physics. But we all know we need to eat and sh*t to survive.

So, what am I saying?

Your body is all you have because outside of your body everything is vanity. I’m not saying that one day you’ll wake up and everything is gone. What I’m saying is to live like one day you’ll wake up and find that your husband has cheated, your ma has passed and your car has broken down. Because although the connections we make with one another are important, the amount of love we have for ourselves is even more important.


To me loving my body means taking care of it physically, through exercise and making sure I’m well, and spiritually through prayer. I know that isn’t relative to everyone but that is how I take care of my body. Treat your body but dot spoil it. You only get one body. It is the only thing that remains faithful to you until you die.

“Your body is all you have so cherish it”


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