We fail to realise our own greatness because for ourselves we generate mental barriers through attempts to emulate the external. In our pursuit of happiness (as individuals) we observe the multitude: We are left unsatisfied by our satisfactory attempts to become who we are not. We reach for the ungraspable, the unattainable, the unreachable, thus exacerbating our desire to be better than what we are. We allow ourselves to escape from reality by crafting dreams in which we epitomise the crowd, whilst simultaneously forgetting that we are time fillers, time wasters, time watchers. We watch. We watch time pass us by, (although there lies always a disparity between it and us) waving it as though it were the Canaan to our Moses. Escape from escapism and walk into reality. We must dismantle the hard-wired social conventions which intrinsically bind us to one another to produce crowd behaviour which strips away our individuality. Be who you were called to be and not who they were called to be…

By SeaofKnees

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