Listen this post won’t even be too long but I feel this matter needs to be addressed because all my life I’ve heard this line.

“Black girls are too loud.”

One thing you’re not gonna do in my presence is make a statement, especially if it’s one that perpetuates stereotypes, without considering the why’s, when’s, what’s and how’s.

Have you ever stop to ask yourself “why are black girls so loud?” No? I hadn’t thought so 🙄.

But here’s is what it is. When you are at the bottom of the societal hierarchy, no one cares about your opinion. As a collective, our voices are not valid. But before we even have to deal with the big wide world and it’s prejudices towards us, in our own homes our opinions never really matter. In very traditional homes, women are still being raised with the idea that they are owned by their fathers and will be owned by their husbands after marriage. We are never our own person and therefore never have our own voice. For hundreds of years, this is how black women have lived. So when we are at school and we have some sort of freedom to express ourselves; when we are at parties whipping our hair and screaming “ayyyyyy”; when we are the loudest group of girls in the shopping centre – just think “why are they so loud?” Now we obviously don’t all live in houses in which our opinions aren’t valid, but for a lot of us, our mothers voices were not relevant.

We shout because we live in a society that refuses to actually hear our whispers. REFUSES. It is not a matter of cannot it is a matter of will not. You have never wanted to hear us, so we force our voices out into the universe.

Deal with it.

And to make it worse – that’s just a massive generalisation 🙄

Rant over.

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