“Tough love”

You made me believe you were necessary. I was consumed by your lies so I hadn’t realised that ours lives were a fairytale that only you lived in. Like sweet nectar you attracted me and I blindly clothed myself in delusions till I was bound in your trap. We were happy. You seemed happy. But [...]

The Last Slice

Let me just... ahhh... I slit my wrist and I felt relief take over me The pain increased as I watched my smooth chocolate skin fade away behind a curtain of crimson red blood that was now dripping onto my cream carpet taking with it the pain I had in my heart. The knife became [...]


She looks in the mirror. She searches for beauty but all she can see are scars. Her body has been beaten, abused, raped, used. She has been silenced by his strength. The strength that pushes her down and forces off her clothes every single night. And after it’s done, when she closes her eyes in [...]

The Elder

He hit me I didn’t really know what I had done wrong and as I was trying to work it out, he began to strip me which was followed shortly by a whip on me. I was 6 and just couldn’t understand why he was on me then in me, all over my less than [...]

Wounded by the World

I spend so much of my time trying to fade away that I’m forgetting how to exist. I don’t know how to be happy anymore or if happiness real. I’m melting in a furnace of unbearable pain. But no one will ever see it because it’s hidden behind the smile that I’ve plastered on my [...]

What is Love

Love? That stuff’s make believe. Imagine putting your heart on your sleeve. Exposing a pain that no one else could see but that person who you trusted. That person who you cared for. Lol love. It’s a poison that I don’t plan on dying of. A cage that I refuse to be imprisoned by. A [...]