Where have I been??

I’m BACK and I’m better


It’s been a while but I’m actually back for good (hopefully). I’ve had so many ups and downs over the past twelve months but I’ve realised that I need to be consistent with my blog so here I am.

The Quick Version because…

Last year was extremely difficult, rewarding, happy and stressful all at the same time. I’ve had exams, helped and organised my sisters wedding, met new people, been scammed, went to two balls, got voted president of the Women of Colour Collective, got voted representative of political and ideological societies, almost lost a parent – Lol it’s a lot. All in all I’ve experienced every possible emotion one can in this very short space of time and over the next few weeks I hope to share the specifics of some of these struggles and how I dealt with them.

It’s a NEW YEAR!

I hope to completely transform my blog this year. I hope to not only post my independent thoughts but to post my poetry collections as well as ways for you all to interact with me and others in relation to my posts. Stay tuned for major growth and watch this space ✨

Happy New Year 🥂

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