Mortal Deception

I ain’t ever said I love you.No one told you to assume I do.But you did and I watched you, how you fell deeper and harder. How much you wanted – no – craved me. How you looked at me as though your world would end if I weren’t in it. I was your drug and you were depending on me for your survival. Then I saw her. I didn’t mean to hurt you or rather I didn’t mean for you to find out. But I loved her not you. I’m sorry.Well sorry doesn’t cut it. I gave you my everything. My time, my effort, my body, my money, my love. Just for the one that I called my love to go elsewhere and say he’s in love? But you were right, you were my world and my world ended the day you left me for her. That’s the day I died. This rope around my neck is the last thing I will ever give to you my love. I can’t believe you’ve let me do all this because of “love”.

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