“Tough love”

You made me believe you were necessary. I was consumed by your lies so I hadn’t realised that ours lives were a fairytale that only you lived in. Like sweet nectar you attracted me and I blindly clothed myself in delusions till I was bound in your trap. We were happy. You seemed happy. But one day I made a mistake. Baby I didn’t mean to; I thought I was really sorry until you showed me how it felt to truly regret. You didn’t care what I had to say, you pulled out your belt and struck I me anyways. Like a child you disciplined me to be your humble and obedient bitch. I should’ve ran away. But I loved you. I loved you so much that even as you took it way too far and threw the final fatal blow that sent me to my grave, I was still trapped in the satisfaction of serving. I thought you showed me what love is, but really all you taught me was the art of dependency.

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