Here’s to 22🥳

A short message to my readers on this special day. 12/12.

I joke A LOT about ageing and live for the 25+ banter. But honestly lol jokes aside 21 was such a challenging year for me. I started that year being surrounded by people who told me I wasn’t good enough – but I’m going into 22 surrounded by the right people.

That’s so important. When you’re younger, it’s hard to know what to expect from people or rather what you deserve from them. But with each year I’ve gained more knowledge but also an understanding of who I am and what I’m worth (if you were wondering, I’m priceless).

I met someone (a friend 🙄 unless God says otherwise sksksksksk) who literally treats me like gold (imo – because I know said friend would say “oh it’s nothing”). It took a while for me to feel comfortable with true appreciation and care? I’ve never felt understood or accepted or supported or cares for until this year. I’m closer to my sisters than I’ve ever been, I have 2 very close friends who I know have my back in every situation, I got the job I wanted, I’m on my way to graduating and for the first time in years – I’m happy.

I don’t expect 22 to be all rainbows and sunshine, but I know it’ll be a year of success – whatever form that success comes in. I do also hope to reach massive milestones with this blog especially since I almost gave up at 21.

Thank you for constantly reading and supporting. Thank you for sharing. But more than anything, thank you for validating my voice and allowing me to be heard.

Happy birthday to me 🥳🥳🥳 Here’s to 22 🥂

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