Just A Quick One 🤓✨

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re all okay. I just made a post a few hours ago – the last one of my Just Do It series so be sure to check that out: Just Do IT 📚Issue 3: Studying during DISASTER📚

Introducing ComicChickk

In the mean time, some of you may or may not have seen my new page on twitter: @comicchickk. This may be something all of you are surprised about because I don’t really talk about it and I kinda drifted away from reading comics during uni. I started reading them in year 10/11 when people were obsessed with manga. I really struggled to get into manga (still haven’t and I’m yet to sample anime).

I always liked superheroes but it really didn’t mean anything to me until then. In first year of sixth form I remember a girl doing a presentation in English Literature society, about comics. I don’t even clearly remember which ones they were but it got me back into reading them. I loved how she presented them as literature without language or with minimal language.

I recently started reading comics again online and as I get closer and closer to the end of uni I’m starting to really enjoy reading more because it’s no longer by force. Looool.

I came up with the idea last night LOL randomly. Designed the logo myself even tho I had no clue what I was doing (I’m not a designer at all). But I just needed something simple and here we are. Thank you to those of you who have engaged and shared so far ❤️

I did a quiz earlier today and… you lot are funny. I just wanted to see how much people know. My page is definitely gonna be open to anyone at any level so don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t know something – but best believe we will crack jokes sksksksk. I haven’t read every last comic myself tho so it’s okay – we’re all learning together.

Here are the answers to the first quiz:


Answer: LOOOOOL you lot saw a character called The One Above All and thought voting deadpool would be right? Omg man 😂💕 thé answer is One Above All.

The One Above All is responsible for everything in the multiverse in short. He created the multiverse then created the Living Tribunal – almost as a cosmic justice system.


Answer: The very first marvel comic written by Stan Lee was written in October 1939. Most of you got that one 🤩


Answer: Note that I asked what the very first MOVIE was – not character or story. The answer is Iron Man (May 2008) followed closely by Hulk (June 2008).


Answer: please refer to question 1.


Answer: Whoever voted Jarvis – reveal yourself. I just wanna talk 🥺🤣 Yes the answer is The human torch. Chris Evans is so beautiful they let him play two superheroes.


Answer: Yeah this one LOOOOOOOL it was kind of a trick one. Adam warlock turns Thanos to stone but he is released after by Mistress Death. He then kills himself to save the whole universe. So the answer is Thanos but I would’ve accepted Adam Warlock.


Answer: Captain America


Answer: This one caused bare controversy sksksksk. The Marvel multiverse is HUGE. There’s all kind of stones and gauntlets scattered across the comics but I said in BOTH the movie and comics. The answer is 6.


Answer: Black Panther. I will be doing a thread on what the different phases of MCU are because how can you say anything but black panther?


Answer: Well Done! Thor’s Hammer is called Mjolnir. How did you do overall out of 10???


Of course I’ll make more and more threads. It won’t only be Marvel; I’ll also include D.C. and other comic universes. Feel free to share it and follow for more.

Dm @comichickk with suggestions of what else you’d like to see. This is all for fun and with this stuff it can be subjective sometimes so don’t worry if you got loads wrong ❤️ again I definitely haven’t read everything so we all will be learning ✨

My comic book page is @comicchickk and my main Twitter is @seaofknees_.

I will definitely do a post on all the other things I’ve been doing during quarantine but this one is special to me 🥺✨

Ultimately, don’t be an idiot and stay blessed 💕✨


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