This is what you probably don’t care to know about me… but I’ll tell you anyways.

My name is Nissie-Grace (Nissie pronounced knee-sea, hence the awful word play “seaofknees”). I am involved in a wide range of arts including acting, singing, dancing, writing, painting and more but you can work those out as we go along. We have now reached a point where the sentence starter ‘I’ has grown severely tedious. Through language, emotions, thought processes I use this blog to explore a range of key issues within society as well as current affairs. Not everything is all doom and gloom though because I do also have a page dedicated to book reviews and other fun things. As an English Literature undergrad, my perception of the world is not only coloured by my morals and beliefs but also by literature. I am aspiring to become a successful teacher then author in the future so writing this blog also a way of getting closer to my dreams.

I don’t want to bore you with the boring facts about myself so let my writing speak for me…

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